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The following are some examples of recent successes:
Independence Independence Care System is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting people with disabilities to live independently. With ever changing Medicaid and Medicare regulations and an expansion of 300% over 4 years, ICS needed to refine their business processes and upgrade their electronic medical records system to support the amazing care and services they provide their members. The software ICS chose was Care Compass by Productive Programming Inc. Czar Solutions aided ICS in several ways:
  • Designed, implemented and tested features such as content management, workflow and processes of Care Compass
  • Worked with business units to improve and align business processes with the software
  • Prepared training plans and trained over 250 staff on how to use Care Compass
  • Supported the expansion into the FIDA market
  • Worked with third party administrators to process Medicaid and Medicare claims
  • Implemented Sage HRMS to streamline the HR Department
  • Managed large projects such as FIDA Expansion, claims accountability and revenue recoupment
  • Built numerous SQL reports to manage and analyze data
  • AlphaCare AlphaCare is one of the fastest growing MLTCs in New York. With its upcoming acquisition of Senior Whole Health, it will become the third largest MLTC. Czar Solutions has been with AlphaCare since before it opened its doors in 2013. Czar Solutions helped AlphaCare grow to a company of over 250 employees. As AlphaCare grew, Czar Solutions helped redesign departments, business processes and technology to best support the organization and its members
  • Designed, implemented and tested content management, workflow and processes in Care Compass and other software
  • Worked with business units to build and improve business processes and leverage technology to support them
  • Supported the expansion into the FIDA, DSNP and Medicare market
  • Built operational and analytical SQL reports for staff and senior management
  • Provided primary technical support for Care Compass
  • Helped implement Salesforce for referral processing and scheduling
  • Integra Starting a Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plan from scratch takes a lot of work. Integra hired Czar Solutions to help them through the process. Czar Solutions worked with the core business team to design the organization, build policies and procedures, file for the MLTC license and configure Care Compass to support Integra's business model. After taking Integra live into the MLTC market, Czar Solutions helped Integra expand to the Fully Integrated Duals Advantage (FIDA) program as well.
  • Designed and wrote policies and procedures for the company
  • Designed, implemented and tested content management, workflow and processes in Care Compass and other software
  • Worked with business units to build and improve business processes and leverage technology to support them
  • Supported the expansion into the FIDA market
  • Built operational and analytical SQL reports for staff and senior management
  • Brooklyn Opening a multi-million dollar seafood restaurant requires more than menus and Old Bay. Brooklyn Crab chose Czar Solutions to help open a new seafood restaurant from the ground up. Czar Solutions worked with the owners to develop their income statements, set up their general ledger and payroll, design and build their web site as well as to organize their plan for opening.

    Brooklyn Crab has been open for five years, and it is still going strong!
    DonorsChoose DonorsChoose.org brings donors and teachers together so donors can provide resources that public school classrooms lack. After setting an ambitious goal of serving schools in all 50 states within the next two years, DonorsChoose realized they needed a new software platform to support the growth. Partnering with Alexander Interactive, Czar Solutions was chosen to manage the redesign and deployment of the nonprofit’s new web application on a more powerful technical architecture. The project improved and streamlined core business processes as well as added new functionality such as dynamic content management so DonorsChoose can grow while keeping costs down.
    Interpublic Group Implementing SAP for a multi-billion dollar organization takes careful planning, strong management and dedicated staff. Interpublic Group chose Acquis Consulting and Czar Solutions to help manage the development of a Sarbanes-Oxley compliant global shared services solution.

    Czar Solutions staff co-led a team of 30 business and technical staff building agency-specific functionality and processes (customer management, job management, client billing, time entry, revenue recognition and production purchasing). The role included assisting the team in tasks such as revising and running integration test scripts, running UAT section, writing conversion methodology documents, validating conversion and resolving production support issues. As well, Czar Solutions streamlined the management approach by developing new project plans and improved communication and reporting channels.
    Harlem Hospital The Harlem Hospital Center Pediatrics Division had been gathering specialized information about its patients and residents for years. Now, it needed a better way to store that information to meet its reporting requirements and to improve the services it could provide. Czar Solutions developed a custom application to store HHC's information and to enable department staff to review the data with ease, saving them hours of work each month.
    NAMI Czar Solutions was hired by NPower NY to research and recommend a new software solution for the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill - Metro NYC chapter. NAMI had outgrown its homegrown collection of spreadsheets and Access databases and wanted a consolidated package to manage its contact and membership information as well as improve its fundraising capability. Czar Solutions reviewed over 30 software packages and facilitated the final software selection. Once the package was chosen, Czar Solutions helped NAMI through the process of data cleansing, configuring the new software and migrating its existing software to the new system.
    Freebird Small business is still important business. Freebird Books opened its doors in January with the hopes of being the place where you can spend the afternoon sipping drinks and browsing for books or to go hear local writers give readings. Behind the bookshelves was still the task of running the business. Freebird enlisted Czar Solutions to replace its paper notebook ledgers with a custom Access cash register to track daily revenues and taxes. Future enhancements have already been planned to gradually computerize all of Freebird’s money transactions. Support local business in Brooklyn at www.freebirdbooks.com
    Freebird When United Way International wanted to build a Global Philanthropy Portal, it chose Czar Solutions to manage the project. The project had three goals:
  • To rebuild UWI’s public web site.
  • To create a web interface to Aptify, its donor and grant management system, that would handle meeting registrations for UWI’s World Assembly.
  • To start to build an extranet to connect donors and United Way member organizations to relevant grant information.

  • Czar Solutions managed a team of offshore developers to build the Portal using ASP.NET, Aptify, and SQL Server. During the project, Czar Solutions also worked with UWI on several other significant tasks: assessing and outlining the technical architecture; discussing how technology could realize UWI’s 5 year vision; researching online credit card vendors; and helping plan and run the World Assembly for 200 guests from 38 countries.

    Check out United Way International’s web site at www.worldwide.unitedway.org, and make a donation to a wonderful organization that helps charities around the world.
    BCBS The Barre Center for Buddhist Studies sent out a request for help in assessing the state of its technology, and Czar Solutions answered the call. With an on-site technical assessment, we were together able to answer questions such as:
  • Can the entire Center be upgraded to DSL access?
  • Would wireless access work given the layout of the campus?
  • How could BCBS better keep track of class registrations and housing? 
  • Were new computers needed?

  • BCBS has since used the assessment to implement some of the suggested changes and is optimistic that it will be able to do more as budget and time allow.
    BCBS Feeling safe in school is vital in order for students to be able to learn successfully. As such, school staff have a responsibility to protect students in cases of emergency and to create an environment free from fights and abusive behavior. Edison Schools hired Czar Solutions to help develop a comprehensive program to roll out to its 150 schools nationwide. The program included:
  • Standardized response procedures designed by Pete Blauvelt, president of National Alliance for Safe Schools
  • Training sessions for over 500 school staff on how to respond during emergencies
  • Training provided by Crisis Prevention Institute for deescalating conflicts and dealing with problem behavior
  • Specialized security officer training adapted for school environments
  • School safety audits to manage risks and insurance incidents
  • Emergency response drills to gauge staff and student preparedness
  • Development of risk management database to capture and analyze insurance incident data so future accidents could be prevented
  • Development of an online store where school staff could buy safety materials (first aid kits, flashlights, school ids…)